Saturday, November 25, 2006

And After the Jews - Putin

Oh, oh.

Russia has begun deliveries of the Tor-M1 air defence rocket system to Iran, Russian news agencies quoted military industry sources as saying, in the latest sign of a Russian-US rift over Iran.

"Deliveries of the Tor-M1 have begun. The first systems have already been delivered to Tehran," ITAR-TASS quoted an unnamed, high-ranking source as saying Friday.


Anonymous said...

taking the risk of focused frustration,i have to say,mr.medad,there is a glaring lacuna in your wit,particulars of your military service.have you any?

YMedad said...

Sorry. I hold the rank of 1st Sergeant, specialist in ABC defensive actions (i.e., identifying poison gas, etc.). I served between 1974-2000 and carry the Peace Over Gallilee Campaign Ribbon. I also served in the special 'Flying Column' unit of the Yesha Homeguard for the Benjamin Region.

priya said...