Sunday, November 26, 2006

Hanan Takes on Olmert, Peretz and Co.

I hope you'll watch the video interview of Hanan Yakobovitz, Yaakov's younger son. The father was killed last week by a Kassam.

A short summary of the interview (provided by Women in Green):

Hanan (who seems to be around 11 years old), says he did not imagine such a thing would happen. "Without Abba (my father) I have no life" , he says.

Then Hanan is asked whether he wants to continue to live in Sderot.
His answer is categorical:
"Yes! If I and my family would leave Sderot, this would be the end of the country. I love the State of Israel very much and if Sderot would be dismantled, this would be the end of the country. If the Hamas would see that they succeeded in Sderot, they will do it in the entire country...Ashkelon, Ashdod...everywhere. All the Jews will be dispersed; where will they go? Everywhere Jews are hated....

Then the interviewer asks Hanan what he would tell the Prime Minister if he would come to his house:
"I don't want to talk to him nor see him. I would kick him out of my house. I would throw stones at him."
"The same about Amir Peretz. If he really cared about Sderot, he would know what to do, but he doesn't."

The camera then turns to show how some roofs of some schools in Sderot are being covered by steel to try and protect the children, while the interviewer points out that this is obviously not what needs to be done to protect Sderot.

Then we see Hanan again who passionately turns to Olmert and Peretz and urges them to declare they cannot deal with the situation and therfore must resign. "Resign and let Bibi Netanyahu and Lieberman take your place. Resign, resign...
I Hanan, son of Yaakov, TURN to you and urge you: RESIGN!! FAST!

In one word- this videoclip is a must see.
A little boy, who says it better than any adult.

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