Friday, November 10, 2006

OrthoMom Linked Me

The public-spirited and campaigning OrthoMom related here to my posting yesterday regarding the Satmar Yeshiva demanding the installation of frosted glass windows at a women's exercise hall/gym.

And here's her take:-

But what is this small, respectful accommodation depriving the irate exercisers of? The right to exercise in full view of passers-by? I can't take their claim of the diminished sunlight very seriously - anyone who has a frosted window knows that plenty of daylight gets through. The obvious objective here is the complaint that the Orthodox community is attempting to "allow a religious group to impose its ways on the majority". Which in this case, really means "why give anything to anyone else if I don't need it myself". And in my opinion, people who find accommodating the sensitivities of another segment of the community in such a negligible manner to be such an abhorrent notion have a lot to learn about living in a community.

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