Friday, April 28, 2006

Please, All the Important News

As a media critic columnist (Jerusalem Post; Besheva) and radio presenter (Arutz 7), I need to mention this.

I checked both the Hebrew and English news sites of INN and Arutz 7 and there was no mention as of this writing of two stories that appeared in today's newspapers.

First, in Maariv, page 3, the appointing of Arik Sharon and Ehud Olmert's media advisor, Eyal Arad, by the Gush Etzion Regional Council to help them in the matter of relocating the security barrier being constructed there. Eyal Arad?

Eyal Arad??????

Second, in Yedioth Ahronot, page 11, the arrest of Kedumim residents, young men who serve in the community's security intervention team, for smoking and growing pot.

Now, I am not saying these items are true. And if they weren't, all the more reason to publish some sort of reaction by Shaul Goldstein of Gush Etzion or Daniella Weiss of Kedumim.

But nothing?

Maybe I missed some Internet broadcast but the site is read by more people.

What happened?

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