Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Even the Satmar are "Settlers"

Why is it that when Jews move to a location, build it up out of nothing and take up full residency including homes, schools, synagogues and businesses, it's always called "settling"? And the people are "settlers"?

Even when it happens in New York.

Don't believe me?

Here's an excerpt from the report on the Satmar Rebbe's death in the New York Times:-

By the time Moses died, the Williamsburg enclave had a population of about 35,000, spilling over into adjacent neighborhoods. The settlement in Kiryas Joel, in Orange County, had grown to more than 15,000 people after being established by a few settlers in the last years of Joel's life.

Now, is that not amazing?

P.S. That a Satmar Rebbe died on Holocaust Day indicates there is a God out there.


The Reality Show said...

I am actually shocked, it's beyond humour, it shows an underline racism.
Thanks for alerting us.

Free Israel said...

All of this leads me to my old question:
'Are Settlers Jewish or are Jews "settlers"?'

One of the biggest minuses of the Gaza give away tragedy, expulsion & deportation aka 'evacuation inc.' is that once again it DELEGITIMIZES ALL JEWS as "illegal" & as "settlers" as a whole (look, Jews themselves agree that they are settlers, the distinction between "inside the green line" or out side of it, is rarely emphesized, believe me!).

Another fe-enforcement for that evil-followers, we just commemorated.