Tuesday, February 13, 2024

New Nazis Marching in Manhattan




Anonymous said...

Would you feel up to identifying the street or neighborhood where this took place, and when? (If not, I'd understand!) Something roughly analogous - but I don't think anywhere near as explicit in terms of language - occurred on the Main Line of Philadelphia a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, more than just the event itself, which is concerning enough, is what it may portend for the Jews of the United States.

I consider it to be an example of the "normalization" and acceptance (by public officials, and perhaps the "public" at large), of open antisemitism.

Digressing - off topic - your recent essay at Algemeiner, "Diasporism: A Poor Man’s Judaism" was excellent.

- Michael

YMedad said...

I was informed this was under the Stern College dorm in Manhattan.

YMedad said...

Appreciate you liking that piece.

Anonymous said...

PALLY-WEID [Pallyweid]

First, it was, 1961, as at the UN, nations discussed apartheid in South Africa, infamous Ahmad Shukeiri [Shukairy] (who helped Hitler during WW2, had justified the Holocaust in 1946) decided to come up with the apartheid slur.

Shukeiri is infamous for the "non of them will survive" genocidal admitted plans ahead of the Six-Day war. Months after his apartheid-slur, he had complained of too many Jews in the UN, then in Nov 1962, he had promoted Neo Nazi group there. In his 1969 book he would write that Mandatory-Palestine Arabs cheered and prayed for Hitler.

Since then, it (Apartheid slur) became a default terminology for haters, (recent example was Omar Shakir, who misrepresented facts and broaden apartheid definition to fit his propaganda he has been involved in years before his HRW career), or the ignorant or the misinformed. (Not to mention the wide range of preferential treatment for Arabs over Jews in academia, court cases, employment, prison conditions, etc.).

Yet, for decades Pallywood had pushed the G slur (so called genocide) on anti terror operations by the good-guys Israelis while racist-Arab anti Israel forces use their civilians as human shields and facilities in that 'dead baby strategy' in their diabolical routine of twisted win win. If IDF hits at the terrorists, some civilians will die and Israel would look bad. If they don't, then they can continue wagering Israelis. The methods began under Arafat in the early 1980s.

While "palestinian" Arabs and Hezbollah are by no mean the first to use human shields, they stand out in using their own people for that terrible goal.

Then came the long planned Oct 7 2023, massacring youths, targeting entire families, burning them alive, decapitation, mass rape. All under the Hamas leadership (beneath them, PFLP and PIJ and other ordinary Gazans, and of course UNRWA guys too as well as some Arab "journalists," including al Jazeera's) which never had recanted its genocide goal.

But when Israel, ahead of its operation, evacuated civilians to save their lives, the "cleansing" cries arose (never mind that ethnic Arabs in Israel are the same ethnicity).

Al Jazeera (dubbed Jihad Zeera already in 2002) Hamas' chief mouthpiece has been reinforcing its old bloody routine of showing graphic images to incite the Arab world, while knowing fully well terror methods of using hospitals, etc.

And the Hamas' Gaza "health" ministry has been keeping publishing "numbers" while the aforementioned Omar Shakir was one of the first to give credibility to those numbers.

The Jihad regime, concocted a "genocide" case by sending South Africa to do their dirty job. After years of Islamist lobbying there and relations with Hamas.
Thus, trivializing really genocide cases.

So what now?

It's what happen when pushing the envelope too far.

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Anonymous said...

Mar 12, 2024

BBC just asked Mr. Miller of the US Govt. about a so-called "report" it concocted about Nasser Hospital. Typically, the BBC avoided mentioning that the hospital staff and manager are all under Hamas' authority -
Speaking of credibility.

It even claimed that some were "beaten" in the heading of its "report," but no real details of the supposed "beating" were provided in the clip. Was Hamas still planting how to "say" it? Since the only pictures the clip can provide are being stripped for security?

Throughout its clip, the BBC did not show the Hamas terrorists caught in medical wardrobe arrested at the time and pics shown in international Media.



IDF says more than 20 terrorists who took part in Oct. 7 massacres arrested in Khan Younis hospital

16 Feb 2024.