Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Behind the Diplomatic Scene

This is from Monty Penkower's latest book, Israel: As A Phoenix Ascending (I will be reviewing it in depth) on page 203. Explanation follows below.

The meeting took place in London on April 28, 1948.


Douglas is Lewis Williams Douglas, American Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Rusk is Dean Rusk, director of the Office of Special Political Affairs in the State Department.

Attlee is Clement Attlee, UK Prime Minister.

Bevin is Ernest Bevin, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

HMG is His Majesty's Government.

Source here.

From the original document:


After the US had reneged on support for partition at the UN, which recommended a Jewish state be established, by suggesting a trusteeship, President Harry Truman came around to supporting the original vote. Tasked by Rusk, Douglas meets Attlee and Bevin in London.

As the minutes show, the two most senior British politicians display bias, prejudice, antisemitism and anti-Zionism in their thinking about the future Jewish state.

Jews, attacked ever since on the morrow of the November 29, 1947 Partition Plan vote, not to mention the terror from 1920 on, are the "aggressors".

Palestine, the land the League of Nations recognized as having a long historical connection with the Jewish people, is an "Arab country".

They justify the invasion of the Mandate territory.

Jews who arm themselves, after coming in as refugees from Hitler's Holocaust, are following "Hitler' method".

This was the behind-the-scene thinking of the top British diplomats directing the Mandate just prior to Israeli statehood.


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