Sunday, January 02, 2022

An Anti-Semite on Jewish DNA

This came into my mailbox:

Dear White Fake Hebrew Racist Thieving Invading Jew-Nazi Yisrael Medad,

Regarding ...

Nazi-Israel will Burn for its Crimes in Palestine, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq.

Most Jews alive today have no DNA connection to the Ancient Hebrew or the Levant ...

Semitism is Racism ... ... "policy or predisposition favorable to Jews"


Steve Benassi

Minneapolis Minnesota

My reply:

Dear Ben-Assi​,

If there is any problem with Jewish DNA and links to the ancient Hebrews, it is probably due to Jewish women being raped by your ancestors although conversions of other peoples into the Jewish nation probably also account for any
genetic deviations.

Thank you for your attention.

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