Friday, May 20, 2016

Yaalon's "Virus"

Moshe Yaalon resigned and in his press statement noted:

"I fought with all my strength against the phenomena of extremism, violence and racism in Israeli society that threatens our might and also permeates the IDF, and has already damaged it. Senior politicians chose the path of incitement."

What, then, is this?

Vice Prime Minister and Minister for Strategic Affairs Moshe Ya'alon attended a conference of Jewish Leadership activists this week, headed up by Moshe Feiglin. The Jewish Leadership group is considered the far right-leaning segment of the Likud.
 The Prime Minister's Office announced Wednesday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will summon Ya'alon for a face-to-face talk on the backdrop of statements he made against Peace Now at the conference when the prime minister returns from vacation.

During the meeting, part of which was broadcast Wednesday evening on Channel 2, Minister Ya'alon used particularly harsh words against left-wing activists and Peace Now members.
 When asked by one of the attendees about plans to dismantle the Bnei Adam outpost, he responded, "We again are dealing with the issue of the virus, Peace Now – the elitists, if you may – who have incurred great damage. From my perspective, Jews can and need to live in all of the Land of Israel for all eternity."
 Ya'alon warned against folding to US pressure. "There are certain things we need to say – up to here. When you do things you don't believe in, you enter a slippery slope because they put pressure on you, and you keep rolling downwards."
 "I'm not afraid of the Americans," said Ya'alon, drawing loud applause from the audience.

The host, Feiglin, thanked Ya'alon with warm words and promised to support him if he continues on this path. "It is important for us that cooperation come out of this. Every single positive step you make – and it is clear that you will make many – within our party, you will find this growing public helping you along. With the help of God, we will do good things together," said Feiglin to Ya'alon.



Anonymous said...

I want to recommend a book.

"Temples, Tithes, & Taxes" by Dr Marty Stevens.

Long story short: I ==used to== be fond of the concept of building Beit Shlishi.

I =STILL= want the Hebrew People to re-gain full and complete possession of the (empty) Har ha-Beit. Maybe move the Knesset up there.

to ACTUALLY restore the Temple as it was, you'd have to start by abolishing the Ministry of Agriculture, the Central Bank, and 3/4 of the rest of the government.

The cultic worship was actually a TINY fraction of the Temple's responsibilities.

Buy the book (amazon has it), read the book. The authoress is a notzri, but she is at worst, totally neutral towards ideas of converting the Jews. HEr actual life-long career background was a s a CPA and a Corporate Finance comptroller. So, when she read finally the bible in Hebrew, she noticed a ==lot== of things that rabbinic "religious" Jews dont even pick up on at all.

I'm leaning towards ideas of KAraite-ism at this point. Rabbinic Judaism should never be allowed in the HEbrew State, it is a creature of Galut.

Thor said...

Sir, respectfully. In the end (not relating to this particular post) you are of a group of great apes (great apes according to anthropology being humans, i.e. homo sapiens sapiens (man looking into a mirror and recognizing himself)) that is moving in and forcing another group of great apes to move away, or be killed. Paint it any way you like but that is what has happened and continues to happen. As heartbroken as the world is about what the nazy scum did to the Jews, don´t think this goes un noticed.

Anonymous said...

Thor >> don´t think this goes un noticed.

shipmate.... we are ADVERTISING it. We are PROUD of it.

you don't scare us. Rachel Corrie had ten times the courage of "Thor".... and we buried her in seconds.

Ok, now you can go back to being scaredy-scared of what Algerian teenagers will do to your country, Thor.