Monday, May 30, 2016

An Example of the New York Times' Subtle Bias

This New York Times story on a debate in Israel over the role of ‘People’s Army’ (pssst, Israel seems to be the only liberal democratic country whose cultured and educated elites, the media, the academia and the literati are pushing for a military coup in the name of ... democracy and liberalism) also carries a pic with the caption:

"Israeli girls at a traditional weapons display near a West Bank settlement on Israel’s Independence Day."


Those displays are done all over the country at an "Open Day" at army bases. This one happened to be in the "West Bank" but the implication of fascist militarization is imparted..

That's an example of the NYT's subtle anti-Israel bias.

P.S. A major player on media anti-Israel bias thinks:

"I don't see this as actionable."

Honest Reporting had another take.


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