Thursday, December 10, 2015

No Religion?

What caught my eye in this?

Effects of the Occupation on Palestinian Women
MONDAY, DEC. 14, 7:30-9:30 PM, GREAT HALL
Fresh from the region, Palestinian-Israeli activist Rajaa Natour and JewishIsraeli activist Lihi Joffe will talk about women human rights defenders in the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict– emphasizing the effects of the Occupation on Palestinian women. They will be focusing on East Jerusalem and the events of recent weeks in the context of anti-democratic legislation efforts, limitations on civil society NGOs, and racism against Palestinians in Israel under the new and more right-wing Israeli government.
COALITION OF WOMEN FOR PEACE (CWP) is a feminist Israeli Organization founded as a coalition of Palestinian and Jewish women (within the borders of 1948) who struggle together to end the Occupation, through public campaigns and outreach programs, integrating a feminist and anti-militaristic discourse on all levels of society.
RAJAA NATOUR is a Palestinian woman, political activist, feminist and writer. She is currently coordinating the “Just Rights” project at CWP that focuses on the international law status regarding human rights violations in the West Bank.
LIHI JOFFE, is an Israeli woman born to a Jewish family, a feminist, human-rights activist and a clinical dietitian. She has worked mainly with Israeli youth, educating against militarization and promoting critical thinking and political accountability.

Well, Lihi is "IsraeliJewish" and "an Israeli woman born to a Jewish family".

Rajaa is ... ?  Of no religion?  Are all "Palestinians" Muslims? Or are their Christians?  Can a Jew be a "Palestinian"?

What's this discrimination?

Or is the intention that being Jewish really is being a member of a national grouping?


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