Tuesday, December 08, 2015

J Street Hits Detour, Makes Reverse

After finding out that even their liberal-watered-down-washed-out Zionism was insufficient to receive funding to attend a Haaretz Conference, after the approval came through, a J Street reaction was:

“The concerns raised by the finance committee trouble us deeply for two reasons. “First, because we disagree with the notion that this conference is contrary to the VSA’s anti-racist values. Second, because our own anti-racist ideologies are the very reason we exist as an organization: to oppose the occupation of the West Bank and fight for a two-state solution.”

Dear Jeremy J Street:

You see what you have done?

Besides completely betraying your father's legacy (and that's a personal privilege), my presence in Shiloh, where our shared forefathers lived 3250 years ago, is now somehow "racist".

Is this the education your J Streeters get?

Shame on you.

You are now supporting the Muslim apartheid racism?


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