Friday, July 25, 2008

Reading Between the Lines

Two men were released from custody on Thursday after having been detained earlier in the day for firing in the air when Palestinians threw stones at their cars. Police said that the two had acted properly, since their lives were endangered by the stone-throwing. of the men stopped his car close to an IDF vehicle, took a weapon from one of the soldiers and fired into the air several times. The other driver fired his own weapon.

Yitzhar residents said the man who seized the soldier's gun was not a resident of the settlement, but rather an air-conditioning technician from Jerusalem. "He happened to be at the site and was hit by stones, and since the IDF did not respond, he decided to do something," explained one.

So, (a) he wasn't a "settler" and (b) he was justified and (c) why didn't the IDF respond properly?

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