Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Study Guide for the Satmar "VaYoel Moshe"

The book "VaYoel Moshe" ויואל משה is the ideological tract of the Satmar Hassidim. It originally appeared in 1959 but an expanded edition, to include an analysis the the Three Oaths, was published in 1961. The author was the Satmar Admor, Yoel Teitelbaum.

I discovered today that just recently (the haskamot are from the month of Iyar, two months ago) the Stamar's published what I call a study guide to the book, משנתו של רבינו (Our Rabbi's Teaching), one which presents summaries and divides the book into learnable sections within a time framework.

Here is the frontispiece:

And here is a page to illustrate the technique of the explanation concept:-

Antizionism is alive and kicking in Williamsburg and Kiryas Joel, even if Gitty left town.

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