Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Yuval Neeman is Dead

Yuval Neeman is dead.

Professor, veteran politician Yuval Ne'eman dies at 81

Former minister Professor Yuval Ne'eman died Wednesday in the Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv. Ne'eman, who was brought to the hospital three days earlier after suffering a severe brain stroke, died at the age of 81.

I served as his political "advisor", in charge of International Contacts, when he was Science Minister, 1990-1991. And as part of Techiya's parliamentary staff, I worked closely with him for a good few years, actually a decade now that I count them, in the Knesset.

He was brilliant. Very professorial, positive and negative, but completely devoted to Israel, the land and its security. It was difficult for him in politics. Very analytical and at times, detached from certain 'human interest' elements of issues.

My commiserations to Devorah, his devoted wife.

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