Friday, April 28, 2006

Demotional Demography

Interim PM Olmert met with participants in the International Bible Contest for
Jewish Youth on Wednesday and said :-

The State of Israel is strong but there are still those who want to destroy it. The proof of our strength is in maintaining our independence in the
present and the assurance of our future. We will be unable to assure our future if we do not recall our past, the base of which is in the Bible. The Bible is not just a book that reflects, and gives expression to, our faith but also describes what are our foundations, where we came from and where we need to go, while giving deep expression to the Jewish People together with its Land. Our future is the connection between the Land and our historical base, and this people which you are a part of.

He then responded to participants' questions and, in reply to one, stated:-

On the diplomatic issue, Interim Prime Minister Olmert said: "It is impossible to achieve peace merely by returning territory but without returning territory it is also impossible to achieve peace. The question is not whether the
territories are part of the Land of Israel, because they are. All territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea is, in my view, an inseparable part of
our Land and it cannot take them from us in the historical sense. The Land has always been ours. All of the places mentioned in the Bible are deeply tied to our people, our yearnings and our prayers.

Sometimes reality is complicated and another people lives in parts of our Land. Therefore, we must decide whether to lose Israel's identity as a Jewish state or to give up part of the territory so that Israel will remain a Jewish state. The decisive majority of the people prefer to maintain the Jewish identity of the State of Israel and in order to preserve its Jewish character we must compromise over territories.

That last bit about decisive majority - a bit of BS.

Not only is he obfuscating about numbers and history but he's fibbing about what type of majoity he has. He is exploiting the fact that no one really knows what are the absolute demographics, the trends, the forecasts, the movement, the birth rates, etc. And on this shakey basis, he throws away the Land of Israel.

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