Sunday, March 05, 2006

Now, Just Who Is Crazy?

A known nutcase set off some firecrackers in a church.

Normally, this would make it as far as "Odd News" at Reuters or somesuch other collection like Fark.

But, being Israel, there were near riots and this expression of considered opinion:-

But participants in Saturday's rally dismissed such explanations.

''The Israeli institution is trying to explain the aggression by saying that anyone who did this is mentally unstable,'' said Ramez Jaraisah, Nazareth's Christian mayor. ''We refuse to accept any excuse for this criminal act.''

Anyone who has been following Muslim anti-Jewish violence easily can recall the literally dozens of instances when Jews were stabbed, especially during the frist Intifada, and the Arabs claimed the perp was 'majnun' = crazy.

Even just recently, an Arab who had been shot dead by IDF troops was claimed to have been mentally deficient when he walked out with a toy gun to threaten the soldiers.

Their mental instability is a given; ours is to be disregarded.

The Middle East is such a sane place.

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