Monday, March 13, 2006

What is Going On with the National Union/Mafdal Campaign?

I've just seen, for the second time in two successive days, the same National Union/Mafdal election infomerical.

I have close friends in that party, some very close friends who are supposed to be able to have influence.

Most of them agreed with some of the criticisms I voiced months ago but I see they have failed to get a better message across now that elections are upon us.

The ad that was repeated (!) dealt with the disengagement. And, instead of explaining why any disengagement should never ever happen again in a way that affects all of Israel and all of its people, it repeated the same mistake, in my humble opinion, that was done then at the time.

The ad gave "thanks" to all the politicians who enabled it to take place as if cynicism is comprehensible here in Israel. I don't think it works.

But worse, the disengagement, according to to the ad, was bad not for Israel; not for its security nor or perhaps, its existence; not because it hasn't stopped terror; not because it convinced the Pals. to vote Hamas into power; not because our water resources are endangered; not because our agriculture may be affected; or for other easily understood and quickly grasped reasons.

No, in the Nat'l Union/Mafdal campaign the disengagement should not be repeated because of some very emotional pictures of people crying and feeling pain. Even the State Comptroller's report was ineffectually used in the ad.

I do not ignore that the people who lived in Gush Katif and Northern Samaria are the first to be considered as are the people who are next, according to Olmert's plan (and that includes me). But we are a minority and one that is disdained and misunderstood.

The media has succeeded in shunting us aside and making us a scapegoat.

So, instead of talking to the rest of Israel the way they need to be spoken to, the ad continues the line that "we suffered" and "we" shouldn't suffer again. But it is they who may be suffering in the near furture and they need to be told that.

What is going on there?


westbankmama said...

It sounds like a terrible ad (I don't own a tv so I haven't seen any of them).

goyisherebbe said...

I don't know what the election campaign can do. Most of my kids are refusing to vote, no matter what I tell them. The only party that says anything about really changing the system is Hazit (Marzel) and everybody is dumping on them. We need to do something about the tyranny of the courts, we need to do something about the electoral system, but most of all, we need to do something about television. We need to demonstrate in several locations every day burning a television set and giving out copies of the book on the harmfulness of television. People are never going to change, you will never be able to talk to them unless they are weaned of the one-eyed monster!