Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Which is Worse for Israel?

Craig Smith reports in the New York Times:-

Palestinians in Gaza Fear War Between Fatah and Hamas After Vote

GAZA, Jan. 10 - Campaigning by Fatah and Hamas, the two main Palestinian political factions, paused Tuesday while people slaughtered sheep and goats and the occasional ox for the annual Muslim holiday Id al-Adha.

But the mood was subdued amid talk of war between the factions, and Palestinian security forces said they were girding for violence, fearing that the legislative elections scheduled for Jan. 25 could lead to fighting.

He then adds:

"If civil war starts, it will last a long time and cost thousands of lives," said Sameeh Nasser, a police officer riding through Gaza City's chaotic streets in a light-blue Peugeot patrol car.

I haven't decided which is worse for Israel.

To quote Menachem Begin:

Goyim kill Goyim and they blame the Jews.

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