Tuesday, January 17, 2006

This is Funny

There are a lot of Sharon jokes going around but people feel bad about telling them.

They don't remember, for example, how Ezer Weizmann used to refer to Menachem Begin just before and after he was booted out of the government in 1980, as "hamanoach" which means, in Hebrew, "the lately departed".

Anyway, tonight, on the main Channel One TV news broadcast, Yaakov Achimeir was describing Sharon's condition and noted that he was still sedated due to an operation - and here I have to explain the humor:

He said that the operation was intended to "l'shaper et nishmato" (to improve his soul) instead of "l'shaper et neshimato" (to imporve his breathing), the phrase he qucikly added with apologies to the listening audience.

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