Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why Israel Can't Win

The NYTimes doesn't mind Hamas on the ballot.

In an editorial
the blatherers write:

The messy thing about democracy is that people tend to vote for the candidates they want - a point that seemed lost on Israel yesterday when it threatened to ban East Jerusalem Arabs from voting in the scheduled Palestinian elections if Hamas took part...

...Israel can't just decide to take away that right because it's afraid of who may win next time.

The choice here is between two evils, and the greater would be to take extraordinary measures to keep Hamas out of the running...

...To be sure, the other option, letting Hamas run, is hard to stomach. But it is the lesser evil because any movement, once in power, is compelled to supplement its bluster with deeds. That's what happened to the Palestine Liberation Organization, which once seemed even less acceptable than Hamas.

...The Bush administration must continue to urge Israel to abandon its threat to prevent Palestinians in East Jerusalem from voting. The real intent of such a move would be to force Mr. Abbas to cancel the election. If the administration and Israel really believe that a democratic Middle East is the only road to peace, then they must give it a try.

This is not only outrageous but stupid and illogical and non-factual. Just the opposite witll happen - bigger bombs, longer-range rockets, more devoted suicide murderers. Democracy cannot be used as a weapon to commit politicide in eradicating Israel - Hamas' goal.

With this type of thinking, Israel can't win.

Is that, perhaps, the object of this exercise?

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