Sunday, December 04, 2005

Indyk is a Turkey

Martin Indyk, former Australian, now American (in a protekzia arranged citizenship process), former American ambassador to Israel, present research analyst) published an op-ed in Friday's New York Times.

Right at the beginning, he writes:

"Life seems good in Israel, too. Terrorist incidents are down to one every three months"

The truth?

Senior IDF Commander Bemoans Hostile Gaza Border
15:36 Dec 01, '05 / 29 Cheshvan 5766

( IDF Gaza Brigade Commander Brigadier-General Aviv Kochavi stated on Wednesday that the volume of attacks and security incidents along the Gaza border is alarming.

Speaking with Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz, he stated that just this past week, 6 bombs were detected, and that since the IDF withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, there have aready been 19 bombs detected. He pointed out that the smallest of those bombs was 40 kilograms (88 lbs).

Arab terrorists in Northern Gaza have launched 130 Kassam rockets and mortar shells at Jews living in the western Negev area, and there have been 8 encounters between IDF troops and armed terrorists along the border fence.

I wrote the paper a letter, pointing out the non-factual basis of Indyk's claim, a no-no in the ethics of journalism, and added:

Martin Indyk is practicing an exercise in "Wegging" – wild-eyed guessing - when he writes: " Life seems good in Israel, too. Terrorist incidents are down to one every three months" ("Go your own way", Dec. 1).

Israel's government may have disengaged itself from Gaza, uprooting people's lives, their homes and enterprises but the terror is still with us and now threatens larger areas of Israel and its civilian populace.


Avi Green said...

Yes, he's a turkey all right. Sadly, even Charles Krauthammer seems to have gone that route, as he goes along and writes as if everything is really perfect in Gaza, and the Arabs in the Gaza Strip "no longer have the means with which to terrorize" when already, their possesion of Kassam rockets proves otherwise, and Krauthammer even recommends an article by Uzi Dayan in the New Republic that thinks that "land swaps" would settle the conflict! Even Ed Morrisey of the Weekly Standard showed that he apologized for saying something almost similar a few months ago. Krauthammer, unfortunately, seems hopeless. But then, seeing that he writes for the Wash. Post, that's probably why I shouldn't be too surprised.

Avi Green said...

Oops, that is Uzi ARAD, not Uzi Dayan.

YMedad said...

My two-state solution is this: on the east of the Jordan River evolved an Arab state and to its west, a Jewish one. Within the territory of the original British Mandate, awarded to it by the League of Nations, it is illogical and downright ridiculous to have three states: one Jordanian and exclusively Arab; one "Palestinian" and exclusively Arab (that is, two states uni-ethnic) and one Jewish but also with 20% non-Jewish population.