Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Story of the Looped Tzitzit

As is the custom, I wear a tallit katan, vernacularly know as "tzitzit", under my shirt.

Today, something rather unique happened (although it may have happened to me previously some decades ago I think).

I usually dress in our darkened bedroom (wake-up for me is 5:20 as shacharit is at 6) but go into another room to select a shirt.  Which is what I did this morning.

It was there that I discovered I had managed to do this:

For those wondering what the "this" is: I seem to have slipped my belt through the part of the tzitzit that connects the fringes to the actual material that creates a four-cornered garment.

Wonders of wonders.

It meant, however, that I had to reloop myself so as to put on my camera and cellphone.

Being Jewish.


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