Monday, March 20, 2017

Hillarious Heller

Kevin Jon Heller blogs at Opinio Juris.

At a post discussing the "Apartheid" Report of Falk & Khalaf, he wrote:

As critical as I am of Israel’s unconscionable oppression of and violence toward Palestinians, I have never accused Israel of practicing apartheid. But there is absolutely no justification for the UN suppressing an official report issued by one of the regional offices of the Economic and Social Council — particularly in response to pressure from the object of that report (and its chief enabler). Nor is this the first time the UN has bowed to Israeli pressure...

Comments were commented and I caught something he wrote:

Amazingly, I have spent far more than 10 minutes in Ramallah — days, actually — with Palestinians who knew full well that I’m Jewish, and yet I somehow lived to tell the tale…

and published this, third paragraph:

Heller came back and we have this there now:

He's replied and there is an exchange, notably this:

Kevin Jon Heller
Yes, nothing demonstrates prejudice quite like quoting high-ranking Israel officials’ own words…

...Your response to Yisreal is weird. Drawing a line from “expressing less than favorable views” to ” referring to their children as “little snakes” is bizarre. You are also being quite dishonest when you say you quoted Shaked in her “own words”. Those were not her “own words” and you ignore the context. It is also irrelevant to the discussion here, but I can see why you want to change the subject.

Kevin Jon Heller
I get it. It’s tired and pathetic, but I get it — everyone who criticises Israel is, by dint of their criticism, biased. Only those who defend Israel are objective. The myopia is staggering, but it’s entirely predictable.

Yisrael Medad
The really weird matter is that in writing “Yes, nothing demonstrates prejudice quite like quoting high-ranking Israel officials’ own words…”, KJH was either misconstruing what I had referred to or didn’t quite grasp it.

I had written “Can a Jew or even a Christian expressing less than favorable views about Palestinians be as free in Ramallah or try Hebron or, better, Shchem/Nablus?” and he refers to the most extremist instance of Ayelet Shaked’s remarks (and I won’t get into whether they were her words, quoted or whether she apologized or not for that is not the point). From my “less than favorable” to her “snakes” is a trick that a law professor should not be engaged in.

Unlike Kumar, I do think he has control of brain and limbs. Or, to be a university professor, he should. His frothing and ranting on political and ideological issues are unseemly.


NormanF said...
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NormanF said...

Jewish anti-Semites justify Arab bigotry all due to "the occupation."

Arabs who hate Jews do no such thing: they hate Jews without all snarky asides invented to legitimate it.

Jews are terrible as advocates in koshering anti-Semitism.

rlandes said...

and yet, israel's supposed to integrate into their society people who say just that about them, otherwise they're in danger of being judged apartheid.
it's a lot easier to offend Palestinians in Ramallah. all you have to do is question just who is responsible for the "unconscionable oppression of and violence toward Palestinians." just suggest that they bring it on themselves, even to a small degree, and you're in real trouble.
the only Jews welcome in Ramallah are proleptic dhimmi, who appease Palestinian Caliphater anger and ingratiate themselves by attacking their enemies by mouthing stupid formulas like "Israel's unconscionable oppression of and violence toward Palestinians."

rlandes said...

let me clarify "bring it on themselves." rather, the Palestinian leaders inflict it on their own people. Here's a passage from Nidra Poller, writing in 2001:

What I want to say today about the issue of the “colonies” is that it’s a red herring. And the suffering of the Palestinians, as real as it is, is the direct consequence of the strategy followed by their leadership ever since the creation of the State of Israel (and well before). Trying to explain their seething rage and readiness to do the worst as an inevitable outcome of this suffering is a flagrant denial of historical evidence. I speak for example of Jews murdered in Palestine during the 19th and early 20th centuries, before the creation of the State of Israel… not to mention preceding centuries.

Poller, Nidra (2017-03-02). Troubled Dawn of the 21st Century (Kindle Locations 801-806). authorship intl. Kindle Edition.

see also

YMedad said...

Thanks Richard