Friday, March 31, 2017

New? Really?

From the Wall Street Journal:

Netanyahu Pushes New West Bank Settlement  Construction is intended to house families evicted from Amona outpost

Why "new"?

Why not a "replacement" community?

And it is within a bloc of communities: Shiloh, Achiyah, Esh Kodesh, Adei-Ad & Keida.  And the site, currently Geulat Tzion, has been inhabited for a while by a few families and all its land is state land, not private, officially declared so three decades ago.

EP pointed out to me that almost all the headlines of the main media outlets are that Israel 'approves first new settlement in 20 years' (herehere; here; here; here; here; here;).

But haven't we been informed for years that there were thousands of "new settlements" every week - via Peace Now, etc.?


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