Friday, March 03, 2017

Cass Sunstein, FDR and Ze'ev Jabotinsky

Did Cass Sunstein read Jabotinsky?

I discovered, while researching another project, that

Sunstein's 2004 book, The Second Bill of Rights: FDR's Unfinished Revolution and Why We Need It More than Ever, advocates the Second Bill of Rights proposed by Franklin D. Roosevelt...Sunstein argues that the Second Bill of Rights has had a large international impact and should be revived in the United States. 

Sunstein was born on September 21, 1954 in Concord, Massachusetts to Marian (née Goodrich), a teacher, and Cass Richard Sunstein, a builder, both Jewish.

He is a scion of the Vilna Gaon and married to Samantha Power.

and a pundit.

Five of the original eight "rights" that FDR proposed in early 1944 and advanced now by Sunstein, echo Ze'ev Jabotinsky's famous Five Memim article.  FDR spoke of eight specific rights: Employment, Food, clothing, and leisure with enough income to support them, Farmers' rights to a fair income, Freedom from unfair competition and monopolies, Housing, Medical care, Social security, Education.

This book expands on Jabotinsky's thinking:

as does this one:

Chronologically, Jabotinsky preceded FDR.

His thinking on issues of social and economic import were just as much part of his outlook and philosophy as was his political and security stances.

Let's remember that.  The Right can be very much right.


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