Thursday, March 09, 2017

Haaretz Continues To Trope Anti-Semitism

How sick and basically anti-Semitic is Amira Haas?

Her writing explains it:
"...the Jewish high priest sharpens his knife. And while you update the anti-Semitism index with another shattered tombstone and read out poetry on Friday nights in Ashkenazi and Sephardi style, your smug faces are reflected in the gleaming blade. And while you beam with joy at the cleverness of the grandson and youngest daughter and book seats for a show in London, the blade moves closer to the neck of the victim tied on the altar in Amona.

How can we appease you, Judeo-Samarian, how can we placate your wrath, god of vengeance, if not by destroying 10 times more and by the falsehood of symmetry. Kalansua. Umm al-Hiran. Issawiya. Beit Hanina. Jabal Mukkaber. But Moloch is not satiated. The demolitions there are easy prey. The horns of the altar shout: More. Harder. Bigger.

The knife moves closer and closer, the blade is shining, the saliva is dripping. It is not enough to destroy, people must be evicted, driven out, uprooted. Moloch wants to see the children wet themselves at night, the women waking up in alarm, the shepherds impoverished..."



Mr. Cohen said...

Forgotten Anti-Semitism & Anti-Jewish Oppression:

rlandes said...

and she surely thinks she's a prophetess, denouncing her people. meanwhile Christain Amanpour considers her one of the great female reporters.
in fact she is a high priestess of the cult of the occupation.