Sunday, October 18, 2015

What Was To Be A Part of Syria?

Well, this might help:-

In 1932 a group of men in Haifa, including ʿAwnī ʿAbd al-Hādī, ʿIzzat Darwaza, Rashīd al-Ḥājj Ibrāhīm, Akram Zuʿaytir and Ṣubḥī al-Khadrā formed the Ḥizb al-Istiqlāl (the Independence Party).

Al-Istiqlāl was created with three goals, as expressed on the official statement registering it as a political organization [at Deputy Commissioner’s Offices] on 13 August 1932: “1) the independence of the Arab countries; 2) the Arab countries are one and inseparable; 3) Palestine is an Arab country and an integral part of Syria”.

The last point was particularly contentious as the idea of a “Greater Syria” (Sūriyā al-Kabīra or Bilād al-Shām)—of which Palestine comprised the southern section—was a political position increasingly on the wane in Palestine. 

Reproduced in Darwaza, Mudhak-kirāt Muḥammad ʿIzzat Darwaza, Vol. I, pp. 796f. as per "Teacher, Preacher, Soldier, Martyr: Rethinking ʿIzz al-Dīn al-Qassām", by Mark Sanagan, McGill University in Welt des Islams 53-3-4 (2013) 315-352 .


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