Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Does The Guardian Guard You From Bias?

The Guardian's Phoebe Greenwood, a Guardian multi-media presenter, has an on-line video report on the situation in Jerusalem.  Her main Jewish interviewees are extreme left-wingers and Communists besides Muslims.

I have four comments.


She exclaims, ""OMG, he's like 12 yrs. old and has a gun" at 1:18 but is he 12?  Is his gun really unlicensed?  We do not know but are impressed by her disbelief.


At 3:15, her Muslim guest says "Jews won't allow Muslims to pray at Kotel."

But she should have asked, 'sir, the point is why should a Muslim do that?  Is the Kotel plaza holy to Muslims?  After all, the Temple Mount is surely holy to the Jews.'


At 6:01, it is claimed that a "vast number" of Israelis support the demonstration's goals.  The person who espoused that is a former Meretz MK, Prof. Naomi Chazan.  Besides being completely unproven to the viewer, at the end of the clip, Greenwood does admit that the demo was eventually outnumbered.


At 6:55 , Laura Wharton, Meretz Jerusalem Municipal Councillor declares about a young girl who disagreed with her that she was "just shouting out slogans".

And Wharton isn't?

This is the press?


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NormanF said...

My friend,

If Arab opposition to Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount is NOT driven by anti-Semitism, why do they want to remove it from the Kotel?

We hear a lot of accusations about Israel trying to change the status quo but no one ever accuses Arabs of trying to change it to their benefit.

A fair rule must apply equally to both sides or its not a fair rule at all, period. This is what Israel's critics refuse to understand.

And it need not be added the anti-Semitic apartheid regime on the Temple Mount that reeks of the stench of anti-Jewish bigotry is not a fair rule - no decent person should defend it.