Sunday, October 18, 2015

The US Consulate and the Jews of Judea and Samaria

Are you a Jewish resident of Judea and Samaria? 

Well you CANNOT benefit from the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Program (YES) sponsored by the United States Consulate General in Jerusalem.


Well, to be eligible to participate in the YES, students must:

"Be a resident of the West Bank, Gaza, or East Jerusalem".


Do you think Jewish residents are invited to this initiative: the International World Peace Day in the West Bank?

I am not clear if a Jewish teacher is welcomed to this program for a "teacher of Palestinians who wants to improve his/her skills in teaching"?

I am sure Jewish residents of the same area cannot benefit from the programs of AMIDEAST- West Bank Training Program.

All of these are significantly supported by American tax dollars and promoted by the Consulate.

Another benefit for the Arabs only programs was this one last week:

New York based reporter Hoda Osman trained about 50 Palestinian journalists from Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza on investigative journalism.  The training focused on writing investigative reports and ethical dilemmas in Investigative Reporting. Check out the photos from the event

Is that a discriminatory policy being implemented?


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NormanF said...

YM - the US Consulate in Jerusalem has long functioned as a sort of de-facto embassy to the Palestinian Arabs.

Of course to the people who work for it, Israel's Jews might as well not exist.

And the US does not recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

What more do you expect?