Saturday, October 17, 2015

Medical Attention Provided

The IDF defends lives, acts against terrorism and even when the terrorists like Tariq Ziad Al-Natsheh are shot, the IDF provides medical attention:




NormanF said...

Between the two of us, I think it would be salutary if Jewish doctors refused to treat Arab terrorists.

The well-being of Israel's enemies should not be a Jewish concern.

Besides, Arabs should be forced to see with their own eyes what their hate and incitement against Jews is doing to their own people.

Its Arabs far more than Jews who end up in the morgue.

Arab doctors can save their lives or they can let them die.

In the end, the burden and responsibility for cleaning up the human debris of Arab terror should not fall upon Israel; that should be the Arabs obligation to address.

Which is a fundamental ethical as well as practical principle.

alizybeth said...

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