Thursday, October 15, 2015

The 'Sport' of Stabbing

SR reminded me of this picture (which I think I once put up a few years ago):

Jewish journalist Asher Lazar being stabbed. British forces looked on and did nothing to stop the attack, according to the man's son. Jerusalem, December 2, 1947

From "O! Jerusalem", p. 54



Granddaughter of the journalist depicted in this photograph said...

Out of respect for the victim's family, I ask that you please remove this post. Thank you for your consideration.

YMedad said...

What is the problem?

American, for now said...

No Jews on the Temple Mount, no "settler Jews" in Judea or Samaria, not even an Israel, yet in 1947 the Arabs were stabbing Jews. Could there perhaps be other reasons for murderous Arab conduct?