Thursday, May 09, 2013

When Provocations Are Bad

In Haaretz, we read that

Women of the Wall hope to avoid showdown at historic Kotel prayer service

Anticipating jeers and leers from ultra-Orthodox protesters during first prayer service after key court decision, group championing fight for equality at Western Wall urge supporters not to engage in conflict - verbal or otherwise.

...Ultra-Orthodox protesters have made a practice in recent months of taunting the women as they approach the Western Wall plaza on their way to the women’s section and jeering loudly at them during their prayer service from across the barrier separating the men and women’s sections.

This Ultra-Orthodox practice is rightly condemned.

And the answer is to fight back through the courts until the WOTW achieve full religious freedom, no matter how bad the Ultra-Orthodox feel.

So, on the Temple Mount, when Muslims riots and go violent, the first thing is for the Jews to 'back off, run away, don't even contemplate going there, forget about human rigths and the law guaranteeing prayer and access'.



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Chana said...

I love going up on Har HaBayit. It doesn't put my Ahavat Yisrael at risk.