Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Stories To Tell of the '60s

Nice writing and phrasing, even if I don't agree with him:-

God save us from boomer nostalgia and its endless idealization of the ’60s. Look, I get it. It was an important time for rock and roll, politics, and the upheaval of American social norms. But the narcissism and self-indulgence wore thin two decades ago. Isn't it enough that the same generation that gave us Freedom Marches, psychedelic drugs, and concept albums went on to tell their latchkey kids to “Just Say No,” popularize tax activism, and vote for Romney? The truth is, I don't care where you were when Kennedy was shot or when you first heard the Rolling Stones. There are other stories to tell, other generations to examine.

I was born in 1947.

Bar-Mitzvahed in 1960.

Graduate high school in 1964, university in 1969.


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