Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Next Year's Goal: The Cover of TIME Magazine

This year, our residency communities in Judea and Samaria only received a headline:

The West Bank’s 2012: The Year of the Israeli Settlement

Next year - the cover!

From the story:

At the start of 2012, the Israeli advocacy group Peace Now, which seeks a two-state solution, warned that the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was building Jewish settlements on the West Bank at a pace that, if allowed to continue, would carve up the land to a point that would doom the possibility of a viable Palestinian state. Twelve months later, that pace has nearly quintupled. In one week of December alone, Netanyahu’s government pushed forward plans for 11,000 homes beyond the Green Line that marked Israel’s 1967 border — nearly as many settler homes as were approved in the previous 10 years combined. The explosion in activity has made 2012 the Year of the Settlement, inspiring a new level of war-themed rhetoric from settlement opponents.

I left this comment:

There is no 2-state solution as the Arabs do not want that.  Palestine already has two states, Israel and Hashemite Jordan, and two staelets: Hamastan in Gaza and Fatahland in Judea & Samaria.  Saudi Arabia commentator already floating annexation of Gaza by...Egypt.  Jordanian Prince talking about confederation of J&S with Jordan.  Hamas doesn't recognize Israel's existence anywhere in "Palestine" (an historical/political never-never land) and EU, US & UN all ignore that.

Only solution that will maintain security and stability is retention of the territories while not yet applying full Israeli sovereignty.

And as Vick writes, Isral is democratically moving in that direction.


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