Sunday, January 06, 2013

Ceremony That Took Place on the Temple Mount

A Muslim ceremony.

Last Thursday.

And this isn't the Sanhedrin in session:

A bit of what it was:

...third consecutive year of the "revival terraces science in the Al Aqsa Mosque," 

...President of the Foundation of the Far Building and Sanctuaries Jamal Rashid thanked all the students...also thanked them for their effort and time they put into application of science, and also thanked the teachers and centers who have spared no effort to revive This educational process, also thanked the Waqf that contribute always to the success of such events which have an active role in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, and then touched on the projects set up by the institution and he mentioned a project courses teaching the Koran, and the project bond Jerusalem schools, at the end of his speech, he stressed move the organization forward in the development of the project and raise the numbers of male and female students.

...In a speech the Islamic Waqf in Jerusalem delivered by Sheikh Yasser Abu Sneineh [he said] "We are not only Overall Fighters in the Land of Flowers, but the central focus of the bond is the Al Aqsa Mosque, which the Rabat appointed sweetness and musk mosque Aqsa crown..."

And there was the head of the Islamic Movement, too: 

Sheikh Saleh stressed in his speech: "O Youth maximize, be consistent as an electric current, you are the stability of the Aqsa Foundation", and concluded by saying, "...Winning is our formula and victorious."

As for that sign, it reads

The Al-Aqsa and Holy Shrines Institution
Project of Revitalizing the Slabs* of Learning
Concluding Event for the 2012 Students

* Actually the Arabic term is that of a building in a rectangular form, similar to a large slab. In Egypt, there are many from before the period of the pyramids. The project is comparable to a seminar of Islamic studies with an emphasis on the Temple Mount or Haram A-Sharif. (thanks to AZ)


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