Saturday, January 05, 2013

Arab Violence and Destruction at Esh Kodesh

From the Tatzpit Agency:

Details here and here.

The problem at Esh-Kodesh (and other places) is that state lands are claimed by Arabs.  Claimed.  Usually only after Jews arrive. And usually without proper documentary proof.

However, in places where they never worked the land, the outposts do.  Then the Arabs claim their lands anew.

But since no one has ever done reliable maps, or zoning lines, etc., and ever since the lawyers in the Civil Administration have gone left, the situation

For example, at Esh-Kodesh, the Arab from Jaloud who actually has a case before the courts is claiming as his land the total land now worked by Esh-Kodesh, including areas only Esh-Kodesh developed larger than the original land area as displayed in oversite photos from 15 years ago.


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