Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The "Wicked Witches of the East"

This photograph illustrates a new Muslim act of interference on the Temple Mount.

Having noticed that Jews, in accordance with the Halacha, avoid the central section of the Temple Mount when visiting and cross over in front of Al-Aqsa to the far eastern section and walk along a path there up to the Golden Gate while stopping at a pathway that is directly opposite the area where the Temple stood and from where one may understand the topography of Mount Moriah at that time, Muslim woman now place themselves there and even shout so as to not only interfere in the view but to disrupt the explanations given by the escorts.

This is a continuation of the 'sit-in' "Kollel" campaign.  And see here.

Will the police halt this breaking of the status quo and this violation of minimum freedom of religion sand respect for a fellow human's feelings?



Police to Compensate Man for Temple Mount Ban


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