Saturday, December 01, 2012

The Illogicalism of Hillary Clinton

From her Saban Center Forum statement:

Without peace, Israel will be forced to build ever more powerful defenses against ever more dangerous rockets. And without peace, the inexorable math of demographics will, one day, force Israelis to choose between preserving their democracy and remaining a Jewish homeland. A strong Israeli military is always essential, but no defense is perfect. And over the long run, nothing would do more to secure Israel’s future as a Jewish, democratic state than a comprehensive peace.

Well, why can't the US force the Arabs to recognize that peace is the best option for them?  And why doesn't the US bring more pressure on the PA to negotiate?  To halt public-sponsored media incitement? To stop all terror?

Ands when will Mrs. Clinton and all who will follow her actually explain why the math is inexorable when I have shown here, using many studies, that that is just not true?


And if you search there, as was pointed out to me, you can find that

"For the first time every Clinton acknowledged publicly and explicitly that the freeze didn't include east Jerusalem. Um, so what was that Biden tantrum about and all the high level administration claims that Israel violated the agreement?"

Okay, here:

And I will also say this. When Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to a 10-month settlement freeze I flew to Jerusalem. We’d been working on this. George Mitchell had been taking the lead on it. And when Prime Minister Netanyahu agreed to a 10-month settlement freeze, it wasn’t perfect. It didn’t cover East Jerusalem, but it covered much of the contested area in the West Bank.



Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton "revealed" the well known secret, that it was at the time Arafat who rejected Barak's proposal to resolve the conflict. Yet at the same time she demands from Israel to make more concessions. The world according to Hillary:
Israel must
Israel has to
Israel should
Israel needs to
Israel ought to
Have I forgotten somethin?

Anonymous said...

Hilliary was put on the street to turn TRICKS for islam. Unfortunaltly she has now become a political skank. Bill her first pimp.... in his own words "the first black president", introduced her to the role of a prostitue and Big O is now utilizing her talents to the 10th power.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street is that "Pink Floyd" is going to dedicate a new album to Obama, titled, "THE DARK SIDE OF THE LOON".