Monday, December 03, 2012

First-time Israeli Voters Going Right

This item in Hebrew informs us that:-

49% of all first time voters define themselves as right-wing.
20% as center but right-leaning.
5% as left and 9% as center but left-leaning.

How are those stats?



Tóti said...

What do the voters mean by their definitons?

What is being right wing or leaning right?

What is being left wing or leaning left?

What does it meen?

Would a left leaning saudi arabian agree with the life philosophy of a left leaning israeli?

Would the right leaning ones do?

Would they then be allies or go to war with each other?

These are first time voters, one clishe goes that all young people lean left unless they don't have a heart, all middle age (and older) people lean right unless they don't have a brain.

What is different here? Conflict?

YMedad said...

Toti, the poll was according to the lists that would be running in the upcoming Knesset elections