Friday, December 14, 2012

Delineation of Temple on the Temple Mount

Courtesy of Arnon Segel's page in Makor Rishon:

1. The Holy of Holies
2. Nicanor Gate and the 15 Steps of Ascent
3. The Wood Office
4. The Heil (in yellow) surrounding the Inner Precincts
5. The Original Limits of the 500 Square Cubits Boundary (in red)

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Also Four.

"There is no doubt that in a such a situation, where there is danger of gentiles gaining control over Mount Moriah, it is permissible even to enter the area of the sanctified courtyard, in order not to give them a base on the Temple Mount, for the ascent of Jews upon the Mount in this situation is considered as conquest and tenure and the prevention of the taking of control by strangers over the place." - Rabbi Shlomo Goren



Ruth J. Lieberman said...

This is great - thanks for sharing! Now an invitation to all those experts out there, to analyze and add proposed differences, according to the various opinions... ?

liamalpha said...

What is "Heil" in Hebrew? Is it "חייל"? In this case a more accurate transliteration would be "Khayil".

YMedad said...

it's חיל.
with one yud. vocalized with a tsereh.
Job 2:8 =
וַיַּאֲבֶל-חֵל וְחוֹמָה
so either heil and cheil would do.