Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Book to Read

Try a book, a new book:

• Part I: 1881–1918, Zionism: Ideology and Praxis
• The Emergence of the Zionist Movement
• Jews, Turks, Arabs: First Encounters in the Land
• Part II: 1918–1948, A State-in-the-Making
• Palestine under British Rule
• Immigration and Settlement during the Mandate Period
• The Yishuv as an Emerging State
• The Yishuv: Society, Culture, and Ethos
• Part III: 1948–1967, Nation Building
• The War of Independence, 1947–1949
• The Creation of Israeli Democracy
• State Building: Economy, Development, and Big Government
• The Great Aliya: Mass Immigration
• Culture and Norms in an Evolving Society
• Politics, Peace, and War
• Part IV: 1967–1977, A Decade of War
• Six Days That Changed the Middle East
• The Age of Euphoria, 1967–1973
• The Yom Kippur War, 1973
• Israeli Society after the Yom Kippur War
• Part V: 1977–2000, Peace, War, and Indecision
• Begin in Power
• The Stalemate Years: A Changing Israeli Identity, 1984–1990
• The Decade of Hope, 1990–2000

Anita Shapiro is not very sympathetic to the revisionist wing of Zionism but is fair and most certainly cannot tolerate detractors like Shlomo Sand.


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