Thursday, November 01, 2012

When Adallah I Supported Territorial Excahnge

From "Fauzi al-Qawuqji and the Arab Liberation Army in the 1948 War toward the Attainment of King ‘Abdallah’s Political Ambitions in Palestine" by Ronen Yitzhak:-

When Britain decided to appoint ‘Abdallah ibn al-Hussein to be the emir of Transjordan during a meeting with Winston Churchill in Jerusalem in late March 1921, ‘Abdallah proposed annexing Palestine to Transjordan and establishing one united kingdom that would comprise Palestine and Transjordan. Churchill, who preferred direct British control over Palestine, rejected this proposal. Nevertheless, ‘Abdallah continued to try to realize his ambition, making efforts during the 1920s and 1930s to convince Zionists in Palestine to agree to his proposal of allowing Jewish autonomy in his kingdom. Despite his attempts, the Zionists refused his proposal because they wanted an independent state. However, in November 1947, some days before the United Nations’ partition resolution, King ‘Abdallah made a first step in realizing his ambition. He met in Naharayim with the deputy secretary to the Political Department of the Jewish Agency, Golda Myerson (Meir). After he spoke about his wish to make peace with the Jews, she agreed that forces under his control could conquer the Arab territories of Palestine on the condition that the Arab Legion would not fight against the Jews. This was not the first time both sides agreed to divide Palestine. Earlier, in August 1946, the Jewish Agency advised ‘Abdallah to annex the Arab territories of Palestine to Transjordan. ‘Abdallah was enthusiastic about this suggestion and claimed, “Division and exchange of territories is the real solution to the Palestinian question.” After ‘Abdallah received the Jewish agreement for his control over the Arab territories of Palestine, he began the next step: ensuring that the Arabs of Palestine would cooperate with the Arab Legion’s soldiers and with the Transjordanian government.


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