Friday, November 02, 2012

The Goats are Gone

A resident of Tapuach, whose daughter was married to Binyamin Kahane and they both were killed in a shooting attack on Highway 60, has had his herd of 400 (or 350) goats stolen:

A herd of about 400 goats was stolen, [this] Friday morning from the Michmash side of Giv'at Hayekev [the Psagot winery locagtion and the new Migron site]...Police and military personnel, including trackers were summoned to the scene to start looking for the thieves. Security sources said they had evidence the goats were loaded onto tractor trailers. While security forces are checking Bedouin camps near the Palestinian Authority town of Michmas, they believe that the rustlers were not from the area.

I understand the owner, some 70 years old, was nearby, asleep in his truck.

It's the Avraham Herzlich family.  The financial damage is around and half-million NIS.

Anyone who passed by the area at around 3:30 AM is asked to call 0577722722 if they saw anything that could be connected to the rustling.


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