Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Right of Return Wrong

Apropos the recent remarks of Mahmoud Abbs aka Abu Mazen, consider this:-

The question of the refugees, off the table during the Oslo years, has reasserted itself. Few Palestinians I spoke to believe they will return to their ancestral homes in Israel, but the right of return, inscribed in UN Resolution 194, is considered sacred, and the passions it stirs are more intense than ever. Several Palestinians told me they had no desire to return, but none would say it on record: ‘giving up the right of return’ – before Israel has even recognised it – is regarded by many as treason. ‘The right of return is a right,’ a friend in Nablus whose family is originally from Haifa explained, ‘so give me my right, and then let me decide how to implement it. I have made a life for myself in Nablus, and I don’t plan to return to Haifa, but I would like to take my children there. I am not talking about throwing the Jews into the sea.’ For many, perhaps most Palestinians, the right of return is now less about physical repatriation than about Israeli acknowledgment of the crimes of the Nakba and about reparations – and, just as important, about the restoration of their freedom of movement inside the entire country, regardless of whether it is called Israel or Palestine.

The idea of return is, of course, connected to nostalgia for the Palestine lost in 1948, and sharpened by Israel’s refusal to allow for the creation of a state on the 1967 lines. Gideon Levy, the columnist for Haaretz who has reported from the Occupied Territories for three decades, puts it very well: ‘If you don’t have hope, you go backwards in time and you start dreaming, even dreaming about something that isn’t a personal memory of yours.’ But in the Palestinian imagination the idea of return has always been not so much about reclaiming the past as redeeming it. It is about culture and honour as much as about politics, and to question it – or to appear to renege on it, as the Palestinian negotiators were revealed to be doing by al-Jazeera’s leaked Palestine Papers – is to question, even to deny, Palestinian identity.

On those remarks:

No Change in the Palestinian Position on the Right of Return, Lt. Col. (ret.) Jonathan D. Halevi, November 5, 2012, Jerusalem Issue Briefs, Vol. 12, No. 25

-Claims that Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas – in an interview with Israel’s Channel 2 TV on Nov. 2, 2012 – had apparently relinquished the “right of return” for Palestinian refugees are baseless in light of the clarifications provided by Abbas himself, in which he called the return a “sacred right” and affirmed his full commitment to the basic Palestinian positions.

-The gap between Israel and the Palestinians on the refugee question is unbridgeable. For the Palestinians, the right of return is a taboo matter that cannot be questioned. The formulation “a just and agreed solution based on Resolution 194″ does not imply a readiness for a possible Palestinian compromise. “Agreed” means compelling Israel to agree to implement the Palestinian demands for “justice.”...



Anonymous said...

Its not only wrong its DEAD WRONG!! In my opinion you have the right to vaporize palestine a right of return is a created islamic fiction. John 21:17-16, it pertains to the motives as to why I write these articles. I was prompted again by spiritual osmosis to give you a heads up...now that the election is over. God looks for individuals he can work in unison with. He needs players that are in sync with the END GAME. Glen Beck and Newt got side tracted from Gods original mission and attempted to conjure up George Washington. Romney was out of sync scripturally speaking from an endtime perspective. He was preprogrammed religiously for the defending of Israel but if it went any deeper than that he was lost in the fiftys. What Romney seemed incapable of understanding is that their are bad people who want to kill you, and if George Washington was alive today they would suck his eyeballs out and roast him. Negotiating with them is an act of futility, and their tactic is to use negotiation as a deceptive hoodna to deceive sheeply naive people such as Romney. BO is a team player for God. He understands end time prophesy and knows what part he is to play. God needed someone who understands an islamic caliphate. That a caliphate backed by a foreign god will attempt to forcefully convert every square feet of this planet to another religion THAT OPPOSES GOD!! Does Newt understand this? NO, he is lost in elephant books and fairytales. Newt was not schooled in Indonisia by blood in the eye mullahs. God needs someone who can destroy the U.S., Rev.18. If you reject God and join those forces that oppose him God will raise and army to destroy you. The liberals planked their platform with everything God abhors. They in effect declared war on God, And God is going to meet their challenge. Thats what the tribulation is all about. A political base of clueless, useless idiots...a groundswell of zombies...with their leaders prime objective being that of a planned strategic takedown of Israel and the U.S. Gods endtimes cannot unfold with out an antichrist and the world has just elected one.

Anonymous said...

Now Russia is not stupid! They know you keep your friends close and your enemys closer. That is why Vladamire is showering BO with his charm. Russia and China know the approved parameters and their designated limitations involving the Israeli-islamic conflict. If they overstep those boundaries they will have HELL TO PAY and I mean that literally. I may be jumping ahead of myself but the endtimes are not about taking prisoners, the objective is to kill as many people as fast as you can. It is Sheols Roundup. Thats why it states explicitly that appr. 2/3s of the earths population will die in a 7 year period. It is a roundup of those souls that oppose Gods Kingdom rule on earth. This roundup is sanctioned by God, because satan and islam are entitled BY LAW to that which belongs to them. Now Russia, China, and a remnant of Israel are the only ones who escape the endgathering of the incorrigable intransigents(the gouls, the living dead)...its known as the time of Jacobs trouble... its known by Christians as the tribulation. Russia and China know who this bad boy is and are prepared to fight him. It will be a series of battles with partial fruitions on both sides. Tits for Tats until it culminates in destructions on a scale of that mentioned in revelation. This election was a shot fired and heard round the world signifying the begining of the time of Jacobs trouble. The bulls of bashaan will soon be on the heels of Israel. In spades. Scorched earth is the only way to defend yourself from the islamic hoards(the living dead) soon attempting to flood your borders....armed and assisted by the leader of the intransigents. Make a spartan stand, you have laser guided neutron bombs, GOD WANTS YOU TO DEFEND YOURSELF. HE WILL HAVE YOUR BACK.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Warning DO NOT FALL ASLEEP, or be lulled in to a state of false complacensy. FREDDIE CROUGAR has been elected and every time you let your guard down he will be their to rip you to peices.