Monday, November 05, 2012

Police Claim: Wooden Temple Mount Beams Moved

In a follow-up to my post on the burning of wooden beams, some almost 3000 years old, on the Temple Mount, the police now claim they were moved to a safe location (in Hebrew):

ממשטרת ירושלים ומרשות העתיקות נמסר כי במקום הובערה אש לשריפת פסולת באופן מבוקר, וכי במקביל - ללא כל קשר, הועברו היום קורות העץ העתיקות בשלמותן לאתר אחר, והן מוגנות ומאובטחות על-ידי השוטרים במקום

and under police supervision.

Can we believe them?


Questions for the police and the Israel Antiquities Authority:

1.  Were indeed the wooden beams removed and are they under the care/supervision of Israel?

2.  Were any official Israeli authorities present at the burning of the wood and can confirm or deny that some wooden beams were damaged?

3.  Were exactly are they now located?

4.  Will they be made available, since they are antiques and should be state property, for public viewing?

5.  If some were damaged, will the guilty be arrested and prosecuted?


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