Thursday, November 08, 2012

Maverick Danny Danon


Warns president’s reelection means Jewish state must ‘take care of its own’
The state of Israel will not capitulate before President Obama, whose “naive” leadership has hurt the U.S., stated Danny Danon, deputy speaker of Israel’s Knesset. Danon, a Knesset member from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party, was reacting to the reelection of Obama.  Danon told KleinOnline: “Obama’s victory demonstrates that the state of Israel must take care of its own interests. We cannot rely on anyone but ourselves. Obama has hurt the United States by his naïve leadership in foreign policy, which prefers the Arab world over the Western world, along with Israel. The state of Israel will not capitulate before Obama.”

That was Danon trying to make sure he gets re-elected.  And playing to his friends in Washington, some of whom did not get re-elected there.

Funny, last time he spoke in a maverick fashion, he got cut out of an important visit of a delegation of US Congressmen.

What will happen now?


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