Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Journalists are Objective and Professional

Yeah, sure.  And they remain impervious to outside pressures and personal entanglements:

On the night of 23 January 1963, during a fierce rainstorm, [Kim] Philby walked down the five flights of stairs from the flat he shared with Eleanor Brewer, the former wife of the New York Times Middle East correspondent, Sam Brewer, and disappeared. It was six months before the Soviets announced that he had defected to Moscow and another five years before the British government fully acknowledged what had happened. Philby lived for four years on rue Kantari with Eleanor, by the end of which she had become his second wife. ‘Early in 1959,’ Eleanor wrote in her strange and vulnerable book, Kim Philby: The Spy I Loved, ‘we moved into a fifth-floor apartment in the rue Kantari, whose main feature was a large semicircular terrace commanding a great sweep of mountain and sea.

And, by the way, was the London Times correspondent in Spain, supposedly neutral and reporting of the civil war there for two years?

Kim Philby.


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