Monday, November 12, 2012

Islamic Hypocrisy 101

I found this material in an article, The Rights of refugee women and children in Islam, summarized as

Faith and religious beliefs play an undeniable role in defending the rights of refugees and asylum
seekers. Respect for refugees and asylum seekers and appreciation of those who provide refuge have a particular place in shari’a, and Islam pays special attention to the suffering of forced migrants

And these are "some relevant practical concepts in Islam" referred to in the article:
ihsan (compassion): All those who are in dire straits, particularly children, should be treated compassionately both in word and deed [2: 83, 4:36, 37, 17: 26].

ikram (respect): The needs of children and the needy should be met respectfully, in a way conforming to human dignity. Respect for children and efforts to meet their needs are a divine requirement [89: 17, 18].

eiwa (full support): Children, especially migrant children and those who have no caregivers, should be offered shelter and protection without expecting anything in return [93: 6, 10, 75: 8, 90, 24: 22]. Not paying attention to these children constitutes a failure in practice to comply with Islamic regulations [107: 1-7, 2: 177].

Concepts, however, irrelevant to Jews.

Ask the Jews fleeing Hitler.

Ask the Jews fleeing from Hebron.

Ask the Jews fleeing Jerusalem's Old City Jewish Quarter.


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