Thursday, November 15, 2012

Another Belly Dancer Goes Political

What is happening?

After a previous story about a rather risque Egyptian belly dancer and her brush with the local Muslimm Brotherhood, we have something new:

An Egyptian belly dancer performed a song with anti-Muslim Brotherhood innuendos in a home-made video that has spread across different websites and social networks on Wednesday.Sama Al-Masri

told Ahram Online, on Thursday, in short phone interview...Using Egyptian slang words, [she] criticized President Mohamed Morsi's failure to keep his promise to implement the Al-Nahda project (Renaissance project) since he took office.
In part of the clip, she holds mangos and mocks Morsi's comments in his first TV interview about making the price of fruit and other foods affordable in his first 100 days as president.
As a way of indirectly pointing the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, Al-Masri referred to specific Islamist politicians by playing with the letters in their names, such as Arrion and Haggoza.
“The song lyrics are not mine, but I heard liberal protesters saying it in their chants and slogans during the 'Egypt for All Egyptians' Friday demonstration," Al-Masri said.“I am endorsing the lyrics too,” she added.The dancing clip circulated among Egyptian activists’ on Twitter and Facebook, as some of them saw it as an ironic expression of opinion, meanwhile, many of them felt disappointed to watch a ‘belly dancer’ speak politics.“Everyone has the right to express their opinion in his or her way,” Al-Masri replied.

The Arab Spring has...sprung?


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